Endurance Crater and blueberries

Find out about the Phoenix Mars Mission.

See updates on the MSL Curiosity rover.

PROJECT: Plan your visit to Mars...what tools, clothes, food, and other supplies will you need to bring? Do you need to invent a few things before you go? Make a list and draw/collect images of what would come in handy on the Red Planet.

Messages from Mars
Coauthored by Andrew Schuerger, Ph.D.

One hundred years in the future, five lucky students win the chance to blast off into space and explore Mars. The emails they send home are filled with many amazing facts about the red planet. A highlight of the trip is a tour of the actual landing sites of the Viking, Pathfinder, and MER missions.

Art: Authentic Mars photographs and digital illustrations.

“Anticipating a time in the near future when humans will set foot on the Red Planet, the authors express the wonder of exploration and the possibility of a colony there.”
School Library Journal

Grades 1– 5. Full color, hardcover,
40 pages. Holiday House, 2006.

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