The Great Graph Contest
The Great Graph Contest jacket
Gonk the toad and Beezy the lizard are competing to see who can make the best graphs. They try to outdo each other by making bar graphs, pie charts, Venn diagrams, and quantity graphs. Chester the snail will judge whose graphs are the best.

Art: Digital painting and photo collage.

“A splashy and colorful offering designed to inform and entertain.... An exciting and energetic math resource.” School Library Journal, starred review

A finalist for the AAAS Science Books and Films Prize

Grades 1 to 4. 32 p. Full color art.
Holiday House, 2005. 0-8234-1710-7

Circle Graph
PROJECT IDEA: Ask your friends a question such as “How many pets do you have?” or “What is your favorite sport?” Survey each friend and write down their answer. Decide which kind of graph is the best way to display the information, then make a poster with construction paper and markers.