Follow the Money!
George the quarter has a busy day… after being stamped out at the US Mint he is delivered to the bank. He is put into a cash register in a grocery store, then is given out as change. George is used to buy a balloon, then is stranded inside a vending machine, and later finds himself crowded into a piggy bank. As the day goes on, he is spent, earned, lost, found, washed with the laundry, and much more. George ends up at the bank, and his final comment is “I wonder where I’ll go tomorrow?”

Also included is information about the origins of money, anti-counterfeiting measures, and the 50 States Quarters program.

Follow the Money! jacket

Art: Pencil, photographs, digital collage and painting.

“Leedy includes a good deal of information, while keeping the book light, energetic, and entertaining. The book design is inventive…”
Booklist (starred review)

K–Grade 3. Full color art. 32 p.
Holiday House, 2002. 0-8234-1587-2.

WRITING PROJECT: Write your own version of the story. Choose a coin or bill to follow it as it gets earned, saved, and spent. Where will it go all day?