The Edible Pyramid
Good Eating Every Day

The USDA food guide pyramid has been changed to the MyPlate program. The information is largely the same but with a new logo. Detailed information about the new plan can be found at

My new 2013 book about MyPlate is
Jack & the Hungry Giant.

In a restaurant shaped like a pyramid, the elegant feline waiter shows customers the delicious foods available. Each section of the USDA Food Guide Pyramid is explored, with vivid illustrations of grain, fruit, vegetables, meats, nuts, and other goodies.

Art: Acrylic gouache, with digital revisions.

“With the topics of diet and exercise now as hot as ever, this is sure to be in demand for classroom discussion.” Booklist

An entertaining, attractive introduction to the food pyramid...” School Library Journal

A Reading Rainbow book
A Trumpet Club selection.

Pre-K to Grade 3. Full color. 32 p. Holiday House, 1994, 2007. 0-8234-2074-4 (h).
0-8234-2075-2 (p).

PROJECT IDEA: Pick five of your favorite foods, and see where they fit into the Food Guide Pyramid. Are they from several sections of the pyramid, or from only one or two food groups? What foods from different groups could you eat more of?