How do You Illustrate With a Computer?

You can paint, draw, scan photographs and real objects, make collages, and do a million other things using a computer. Computers are a wonderful tool that artists can use to make pictures. I have a Mac, but just about any type of computer will work.

You need a drawing or painting program. The one I use the most is called Adobe Photoshop®. It is too expensive for the casual user, but there are many other programs available.

What’s Fun About Digital Painting?

You never run out of paint. Get perfect color matching... just pick up the color you want with the eyedropper tool and start painting. Change colors over and over in seconds. Mix new colors, and save them to use over and over.

No more mistakes. You can “undo” a line you just drew if it doesn’t look right. You can move things around anytime, even at the last minute.

Weird textures. You can make very complicated patterns and textures in just a few minutes. And you can scan almost anything! (See Digital samples.)

Fine tune the art. If you need to adjust a character, just select him and move him. Or enlarge him. Or shrink him. Or turn him upside-down. Or reverse him. Or make 10 copies of him. Or 10,000 copies!

Layers! You can separate the elements of a picture, for example, by putting the lines on the top layer, and the colors underneath. The background can be on yet another layer. (See Digital samples.)