Follow the Money!

Fraction Action

The Great Graph Contest

It's Probably Penny

Mapping Penny’s World

Measuring Penny

Missing Math

Mission Addition

The Monster Money Book

Seeing Symmetry

Subtraction Action

Valentine Mystery Critters

2 X 2 = BOO!
A Set of Spooky Multiplication Stories

Celebrate the 50 States!

How Humans Make Friends

Amazing Plant Powers NEW!

Blast Off to Earth:
A Look at Geography

The Edible Pyramid

The Great Trash Bash

Jack & the Hungry Giant NEW!

Messages from Mars

My Teacher is a Dinosaur

Postcards From Pluto
A Tour of the Solar System

The Shocking Truth about Energy

Tracks in the Sand iBook edition

sea turtle
Crazy Like a Fox: A Simile Story

The Furry News:
How to make a Newspaper

Look at My Book
How Kids Can Make Terrific Books

There’s a Frog in My Throat!
440 Animal Sayings a Little Bird Told Me

Children’s Books by Loreen Leedy

Big, Small, Short, Tall

The Bunny Play

The Dinosaur Princess
written by David Adler

The Dragon ABC Hunt

A Number of Dragons

The Dragon Halloween Party

The Dragon Thanksgiving Feast

A Dragon Christmas

Messages in the Mailbox:
How to Write a Letter

Pingo the Plaid Panda

The Potato Party
and Other Troll Tales

Waiting For Baby
written by Tom Birdseye

Who's Who in My Family?
math books
Language, science books


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The titles below are no longer in print but may be available from libraries or used book stores.