Author Loreen Leedy

A Brief Biography

Loreen Leedy was born in Wilmington, Delaware. As an art major in college, she wasn't sure what kind of artist to be. After graduation, she began making polymer clay jewelry and chess sets to sell at craft shows. The pins, earrings, and chess pieces depicted whimsical pigs, cats, dragons, and other animals. At the age of twenty-five she began turning her creations into book characters. Her picture books have been honored with many awards and starred reviews and are in libraries and schools across the U.S. and internationally. She has written and illustrated over 40 books and is working on one right now in her studio in central Florida. Loreen’s husband and occasional co-author, Andrew Schuerger, is a scientist who works on space biology research at Kennedy Space Center.

The pig pin to the right is an example of Loreen’s jewelry. He was made from a polymer (plastic) clay that is hardened by baking it in the oven. There are several brands of the clay including Fimo® and Sculpey®. She doesn’t make polymer clay jewelry any more, but enjoys making necklaces and earrings out of glass and stone beads.

pig pin